:  MillimilSnapshots

This table contains the dark-matter particles of the milli-Millennium simulation. Ordered by Snapnum and phKey. This is used in a number of functions that can query the particles in subvolumes (sphere and boxes) of the simulation volume.

snapnum smallint The identifier of the snapshot for the particle. See the millimil..snapshots table to find the redshift and other time variables corresponding to this snapnum.
phkey int The Peano-Hilbert key corresponding to the position of this particle. Based on a 323 grid.
x real Mpc/h
y real Mpc/h
z real Mpc/h
vx real km/s
vy real km/s
vz real km/s
id bigint The unique identifier of this particle. Allows one to trace the particle in different timesteps and is also the ID used by the MillimilSnapshotIDs table linking the particle to FOF groups and Subhalos.