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COSMOS pencil beam mock catalogues

This dataset contains 24 pencil beam mock catalogues of a deep field of 1.4 times 1.4 square degrees created by Manfred Kitzbichler for the COSMOS collaboration. These catalogues were created from a galaxy catalogue similar but not identical to the MPAGalaxies..DeLucia2006a. galaxy catalogue. Whereas the same parameters were used for the galaxy formation algorithm , the halo merger trees were different. See DeLucia & Blaizot 2007 for a description of the different merger tree definitions. For this reason no links are provided to the main galaxy catalogues. But since these catalogues have been quite widely used we felt it of interest to publish them in the database.
Some of the papers using these catalogues are:

For a description of the virtual observation algorithm see Kitzbichler M. & White S. D. M. (2007). If you use the data from this dataset, please cite this paper, as well as the relevant papers mentioned in the general credits page.

The data set is distributed over 24 tables, named COSMOS_012_000, COSMOS_012_001, ..., COSMOS_012_111 and versions with 120 and 201 iso 012. See also the menu bar on the query page. These represent 8 different directions of the basis cone and 3 different origins. They contain Johnson magnitudes plus some physical information.

All tables have the following form:

objectIdintUnique identifier for this galaxy.
rarealdegreepos.eq.raRight Ascencion of galaxy.
decrealdegreepos.eq.decDeclination of galaxy.
z_obsrealObserved redshift, i.e. includes peculiar velocity redshift.
zrealRedshift based on comoving distance only.
drealMpc/hComoving distance
snapnuminttimeSnapshot original galaxy resided in.
typeintsrc.classType of galaxy (see corresponding column in MPAGalaxies..DeLucia2006a)
mvirrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hVirial mass.
rvirrealphys.size.radiusMpc/hVirial radius
vvirrealphys.veloc.dispersionkm/sVirial velocity
vmaxrealphys.veloc.rotationkm/sMaximum rotational velocity of galaxy.
coldGasrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in cold gas
stellarMassrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in stars
bulgeMassrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in stars in bulge
hotGasrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in hot gas
metalsColdGasrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in metals in cold gass
metalsStellarMassrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in metals in stars
metalsBulgeMassrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in metals in stars in bulge
metalsHotGasrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass in metals in hot gas
blackHoleMassrealphys.mass1010 Msun/hMass of central black hole
sfrrealphys.SFRMsun/yrStar formation rate
diskRadiusrealphys.size.radiusMpc/hRadius of stellar disk.
cosIncrealCosine of inclination of galaxy.
mag_brealphot.mag;em.opt.BApparent Subaru B magnitude
mag_vrealphot.mag;em.opt.VApparent Johnson V magnitude
mag_rrealphot.mag;em.opt.RApparent Johnson R magnitude
mag_irealphot.mag;em.opt.IApparent Johnson I magnitude
mag_krealphot.mag;em.opt.KApparent Flamingos K magnitude
mag_bDustrealphot.mag;em.opt.BApparent Subaru B magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_vDustrealphot.mag;em.opt.VApparent Johnson V magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_rDustrealphot.mag;em.opt.RApparent Johnson R magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_iDustrealphot.mag;em.opt.IApparent Johnson I magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_kDustrealphot.mag;em.opt.KApparent Flamingos K magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_bRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.BAbsolute Subaru B rest magnitude
mag_iRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.IAbsolute Johnson I rest magnitude
mag_kRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.KAbsolute Flamingos K rest magnitude
mag_bDustRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.BAbsolute Subaru B rest magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_iDustRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.IAbsolute Johnson I rest magnitude, dust extinction included
mag_kDustRestrealphot.mag;em.opt.KAbsolute Flamingos K rest magnitude, dust extinction included