:  Kitzbichler2006abcdef

Kitzbichler & White (2007)

This dataset contains six pencil beam mock catalogues of a deep field of 1.4 times 1.4 square degrees. These catalogues were created from the galaxy catalogue in MPAGalaxies.DeLucia2006a. For a description of the "virtual observation" algorithm see Kitzbichler M. & White S. D. M. 2007. If you use the data from this dataset, please cite this paper, as well as the relevant papers mentioned in the general credits page, Springel V. et al. 2005 Nature 435, 629 and De Lucia G. & Blaizot J. 2006 astro-ph/0606519.

The data set is distributed over two times 6 tables. Containing Johnson magnitudes plus some physical information and SDSS magnitudes respectively. There are furthermore 6 views defined that merge the observational properties of these tables together. The following are some example queries:

select floor(redshift_obs/.1)*.1 as z,count(*) as n 
  from mpamocks..kitzbichler2006a_johnson    
 where k_j < 22 
 group by floor(redshift_obs/.1)*.1 
 order by z
select floor(b_j/.1)*.1 as mag_B,count(*) as n 
  from mpamocks..kitzbichler2006a_johnson
 group by floor(b_j/.1)*.1 
 order by mag_B